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Snap SmartCam Security Camera Fun Facts The first ever security camera was invented by a German engineer named Walter Bruch in 1942. He was a part of the Siemens engineering company and designed and installed the security camera on a VII rocket. Yep, the first security camera was invented to capture footage of a rocket launch.

gotta watch the money

Snap SmartCam Security Camera Fun Facts It was only after 20 years after its creation in 1942 did security cameras became commercialized. In 1962, surveillance equipment was installed in New York by those in the Banking Industry.

The government is keeping an eye on you

Snap SmartCam Security Camera Fun Facts There current number of working security cameras in the entire world is 25 million. 4 million of those or about 20% are installed in the United Kingdom. They have the largest total of security camera installations with approximately one camera for every 11 people.

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Snap SmartCam Security Camera Fun Facts The United Kingdom may have the largest total as a country. However, the winner for the largest total for a location is Singapore Airport. It is hosting an astounding 3,000 units of security cameras.

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Snap SmartCam Security Camera Fun Facts On average, we could be seen by security cameras as much as 300 times in a single day. Residents of United Kingdom are even more likely to be caught on camera.

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Snap SmartCam Security Camera Fun Facts One of the many places you can have your face caught on is at ATM machines. Most of them have hidden built-in security cameras. This is to match the user of the card to the owner, find stolen cards, retrace victims’ footsteps and even track criminals. Think about that the next time you check your balance.

hidden messages revealed

Snap SmartCam Security Camera Fun Facts Security cameras equipped with night vision features see more than the naked eye. Not only can they use infrared vision to see even in zero visibility, they can also see messages written in permanent marker, paint, and so on no matter how hard you wash them away.


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