by George L. Burgess | October 6, 2017

“Record important video footage discreetly and in high-quality with Snap SmartCam Security Camera.”

Snap SmartCam Security Camera for your family safety

Introducing Snap SmartCam Security Camera, a mini spy camera that looks and works exactly like a USB wall adaptor. This little device doubles as a smart surveillance camera that records High-Quality footage and crystal clear audio. It’s perfect for watching over your home and your business.

When you think about spy cameras, you may immediately picture the highly advanced and super cover ones hidden in contact lenses, eyeglasses and even pens. Often featured in spy or Sci-Fi movies like the ever famous, James Bond. There are also the more generally-available ones like the secret USB recorder and mini cameras.

The problem with these types of cameras though is that they may not be ideal for continuous surveillance setting. You need to be present in order to operate them. And let’s face it, everyone knows about them. But we bet that not you, or even the legendary spy, could see this one coming.

Get easy to view surveillance footage with Snap SmartCam Security Camera. Order yours now and get the limited-time discount and free shipping!


Snap SmartCam Security Camera product image

Snap SmartCam Security Camera is a spy camera disguised as a normal USB Adaptor. Snap SmartCam Security Camera is the ultimate spy camera that instantly works and can be carried around everywhere. Equipped with a single USB port, it hides a covert mini lens on the center which captures high-quality footage and a microphone for audio recordings.


Snap SmartCam Security Camera how it works

Simply plug Snap SmartCam Security Camera into a wall socket and it automatically powers up. What sets it apart from other spy cameras though, besides the brilliant disguise, is that it has sensitive motion sensors. Snap SmartCam Security Camera detects movements in the environment which triggers the camera to start recording.

This helps you save memory storage space on the camera and preselects what is valuable information to record. So no more need to fast forward through hours or uneventful and wasteful footage. You can download and delete the recordings on your phone or laptop using the USB Cable. You may even charge your device while you’re at it.


Easy Surveillance Camera

Snap SmartCam Security Camera looks and works like a standard USB wall adaptor and is equipped with a small lens above the USB port. You can plug it in a wall socket and it immediately starts working. No installation or set up required. Snap SmartCam Security Camera is the ideal surveillance camera which hides in plain sight.

Motion Activated Recording

Snap SmartCam Security Camera is dubbed a Smart camera because it has sensitive motion sensors. It only starts recording once movement is detected and stops soon after. It’s a memory saving feature which enables you to capture valuable footage and skip empty recording. No worries about mixing up footage though because each video has data and timestamps.

High-Quality Footage

This amazing surveillance camera records videos at 1920x1080 pixels as well as audio in AVI format. Connect Snap SmartCam Security Camera to a phone or computer to view the footage or transfer and delete files.

Multi-Function adaptor

Snap SmartCam Security Camera does not use batteries and charges directly into a wall outlet. And because it works similar to a regular USB wall adaptor, you can use it to charge your device while viewing the footage at the same time.

Snap SmartCam Security Camera is easy to use and easy to hide

Snap SmartCam Security Camera seamlessly blends into its surroundings. You can place it in your bag or on your desk and no one would suspect a thing. Its simple disguise makes it an incredibly effective spy camera. This prevents people from figuring out what it is and covering or worse, destroying it and the footage it holds.

Snap SmartCam Security Camera can hold days’ worth of High-Quality footage. It comes with an 8GB Micro USD which you can replace if you want to have more storage space.

Snap SmartCam Security Camera product specifications

Snap SmartCam Security Camera product image
Measurements (L x W x H) 1.1x1.69x1.1 inches
Memory 8GB
Color Black
Operating System iOS and Android
Package Inclusive Snap SmartCam Adaptor, USB Cable, Manual, Micro USD, USD Reader


What better way to have compelling real-time account of an event or accident than a video and audio footage?

Security cameras are considered the most reliable eyewitnesses whose footage never changes. It’s a helpful tool for the police which helps solve crimes, capture criminals, and helps you protect yourself and your family.

Secure your home and monitor your businesses better with Snap SmartCam Security Camera. Order one now by clicking the button below to get our season discount. Order two or more and win even more!

Snap SmartCam Security Camera reviews

“For what you pay for, this is a good product. The video and audio was clear. I’m very impressed by the customer service because they were helpful in tracking my order and helping this old man figure out how a surveillance camera works.”

Monty Jackson


“Video resolution is very good considering the lens on this thing is miniscule. And the installment took no time at all because you only have to plug it in to an outlet. Trouble is even I forget and keep mixing it up with my iphone charger.”

Aaron Gomez


“As someone who owns a convenience store, I have to be wary of the threats outside and inside my business. Employees could be a bit creating in hiding their mischief from fixed wall cameras and disputes between customers is an occupational hazard. Now I don’t have to worry so much because snap provides me with real surveillance footage to handle employee and customer issues better.”

Iris Cheng




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